Born and raised in Moscow Russia to a single mother, Valeria Krasavina learned at a young age the importance of having good taste and a keen sense of fashion. Serving as a muse for her mother who pioneered her own eclectic style in the fashion world as a designer and dress maker, Valeria dazzled in hand crafted frocks and garments setting her aside from her peers. Being catapulted in to the fashion world at a young age, Valeria always envisioned having her own fashion label to express her style and aesthetic with the worlds fashion conscious crowd. Harnessing her talent through various mediums of art, she studies the classics, painting, sculpting and sketching through out her younger years and well into her adolescence. After her acceptance to the Moscow College of Technology she was able to flourish and express her deepest creativity by means of textiles and fashion design. Her years of exposure to the arts and self taught pattern and clothes making gave Valeria an advantage over fellow students propelling her to exceed in national scholastic fashion expos and in events leading her to show at Russian Fashion Week. It wasn't until her move stateside to United States that Valeria really came to terms with how limitless her surroundings really were. Coming from a metropolitan lifestyle, her change in surroundings and atmosphere drove her to design and create grandeur for a series of brands and local design firms as a freelance entity. Gaining popularity amongst these brands, Valeria Krasavina decided to give the fashion world her dedication and start her own brand as she always dreamed of having since she was a child. This page is a product of her hard work and contribution to the world of style and design.